The two appellations are 100% implanted in the old river bed of the loire. Although the domaine is at the hill’s feet of Bourgueil, our 25 different parcels of vines favour the diversity of our terroir.

Above the village, sands and gravels; at the hill’s feet, limestone. It is also where we age our wines in chalk's cellars. Our entire vineyards is organically grown with a Ecocert certification.

There is no terroir without the intervation of mankind, we look after our vines as if it were a garden, year after year. We grow grass between our vines' rows and we plough in the gravel land which is more sensitive to a lack of water.

The Earth

The property stays around 20 hectares, 2/3 in Bourgueil and 1/3 in Saint-Nicolas-de Bourgueil. In order to keep a total control of your vines, we decided not to get bigger.

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