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The plant

We grow 100% of Cabernet Franc. Our efforts are naturally directed on controlling excessive vigour of the vine in order to bring the plant in a good balance between vegetation and fruit: buds and green leaves clearing.

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We anticipate our direct actions on the vines through the lunar calendar. Despite weather variations bringing a fragile environment, our craft leaves nothing to chance. All is done with attention, rigour and patience to enhance the best vegetal growth.

No vine foot missing: each dying one in the year is replaced the next winter (yielding by vine foot is more relevant than by hectare). The pruning is Guyot Poussard. Vines protection is made through organic spraying of plants infusion.

We use the technique of rolling growing vines (we do not cut the top branches) on certain crus. Even in a low yield year, we do a growth clearing on all our vines in oder to ensure an homogenous maturity of the grapes.